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1. Education: Empowering Future Generations

Sylvia recognizes that education is the cornerstone of a thriving community. She is committed to directing resources towards strengthening our district’s schools, teachers, and students and stamping out bureaucratic inefficiencies. Sylvia envisions schools that prepare students for future jobs, regardless of whether they pursue higher education at a 4-year university or a trade school. She believes in fostering partnerships between trade schools, businesses, and educational institutions to provide comprehensive job preparation opportunities.

2. Healthcare Access: Putting Health First

The closure of River Parishes Hospital in LaPlace has left a critical gap in healthcare access for District 57. Sylvia is determined to expand healthcare services within the district, ensuring that residents have convenient access to essential medical care. Lives can be saved and community health can be improved by bringing healthcare closer to home, reducing the need for long and arduous journeys to distant facilities.

3. Transportation: Connecting Communities

Transportation limitations can have a profound impact on community members' ability to access essential services, such as courts. Sylvia recognizes the need for expanded transportation services in St. John Parish to alleviate this burden. Her vision includes improved public transportation options to ensure that all residents, regardless of personal transportation, can access necessary services and opportunities within the district.

4. Environment: Safeguarding Our Community

Sylvia Taylor is a staunch advocate for a safer and cleaner environment for District 57. While recognizing that most companies operate responsibly, she is concerned about those who cut corners and compromise the well-being of the community. Sylvia believes in enforcing responsible business practices to prevent harmful chemicals from polluting our air and water. Her goal is to ensure that our community remains safe for all, particularly our children.

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